Celtic Moon Ceremonies

Celtic Moon Ceremonies


Lets weave a wondrous wedding together....

Very pleased to meet you....

We are Jenna & Dave owners of Celtic Moon Ceremonies.  I (Jenna) am honoured to say I will be holding space as your Celebrant for your wedding ceremony along with my beloved Dave if you choose to come to us, who will be here to welcome & support everyone if you choose to have your Wedding at The Eniya Barn. 

I offer 2 types of ceremony, a traditional celebrancy service or a sacred ceremony that goes deeper into the pagan sacred wheel honouring the 4 elements with beautiful rituals & couples readings at each point.

I/We can be formal or quirky & everything in between to suit whichever end of the scale you desire for your day. It is so important to us that this day reflects your journey &  who you are as a couple.

We are originally from Hampshire in the South of England & have been brought to the mountains of North Wales on-board our own destined twin flame love journey. We ourselves have had a handfasting marriage & can truly say there is nothing quite like it to make a long lasting impression in your own hearts. Guests will quote that it's the best marriage ceremony they've ever been to. And why? Because it's truly tailored to you both, making it unique & authentic. This ceremony is bespoke. You won't receive the very same set words that the previous couple & the couple before have just had.

If you choose the sacred ceremony I don't use the barrier of a script, I am fully present in delivering your ceremony from the heart & in connection to you.

If you choose the more traditional celebrant service then a set script can be used.

I love love & romance, you will find me under the moon & stars, in the wild earth, listening to music & dancing like there's no tomorrow. I'm a do-er, an organizer, an old soul in a young mind.  I love attention to detail & my vow to you is that I will provide my very best for you both & deliver you a wonder-full ceremony.

I have been trained in person,  not on a web only based learning programme, to an NVQ 3 advanced ceremonies level with the highest standard of training from Priestess Dawn Kinsella of Avalon (Sacred Celebrants Academy) with her beloved Gregg Kinsell, in conjunction with One awards & Civil ceremonies Ltd, they are the only current facilitators to offer a recognized qualification in Celebrancy in the UK. Dawn has devised this style of ceremony herself to honour the 4 elements within a sacred circle, each holding a direct connection to love, nature & your love journey, so it is very different as well as a deeper experience to the brief 20 minute ceremonies out there on offer, however, a more straightforward traditional ceremony can be carried out if you do not wish to include the elemental journey. 

This is a quality, deep loving, unique ceremony to honour the Wedding & love that you & your beloved deserves for your special day.

Dave my beloved, is an old soul who connects deeply to his ancestral past to use in the now & walks a path of absolute trust in each moment. He has a connection & way with people that leaves a lasting impression which will help to make your day memorable. He will be bring balance to the ceremony by connecting with the Groom if applicable, by holding space for the masculine energies that are often overlooked.  

Put us together & we can weave real magick & bring you the ceremony that both your heart's desire.

We're excited to hear your story & how you'd like to go about your day!

From the moment we have our first consultation right up to the magical day itself, we will remain at hand throughout the whole journey. 

We cannot wait to make your day full of wonder!