Celtic Moon Ceremonies

Celtic Moon Ceremonies


Baby Naming/Renewal of Vows/Passing over Ceremonies 

Baby naming

If you would like to have a ceremony to name your child but don't wish to have a religious ceremony then a sacred naming ceremony is the perfect answer. 

We honour the sacred elemental wheel where we visit the 4 elements in a child friendly way. Bubbles are used along with the beautiful sound of Koshi windchimes. 

Don't worry if you need to feed or change a nappy mid ceremony, if your little one is fractious then we can wait, time is no object as we only have 1 ceremony a day.

This is a very lovely interactive ceremony with lots of audience participation for your little star of the day as they are named & welcomed into the family & community.

Adult naming

There are many reasons for an adult wishing to change their name.

Perhaps you would like to re-claim your birth name or you wish to change your first name.

Perhaps you have changed gender & would like a ceremony to step into the new you.

Whatever the reason we will give you a ceremony that will release you into your forward path with a new confidence.

Passing over ceremony

To authentically honour a person who has left this earth is an absolute pleasure. Going through a formal ceremony can feel a little removed & irrelevant to who they were if they didn't believe in a certain religion. Nowadays offering this more modern inclusive way of ceremony we can give them the style that rings true to celebrating who they personally really were, offering comfort & relief to their loved ones still here.

Some people like to have a formal funeral service & then come to us for a more suited passing over ceremony afterwards if locally or in the near or distant future, it's never too late to have a ceremony to represent someone the way they would have wanted it.

Renewal of vows ceremony.

Couples choose to have a renewal of vows for various reasons. They may have spent many years together, growing, changing & they would like to re-commit to one another using different words that reflect who they are now, perhaps with new family members & different friends too? Bonding their love even deeper for all eternity. 

For some perhaps something challenging has happened & they feel a fresh start is needed.

Again we take a journey around the sacred circle honouring the 4 elements of air, fire, water & Earth, deepening their love even further at every stage. It's an immersive, deeply beautiful expression & memory of their commitment to one another.

With all of our ceremonies we are compassionate, confidential & non-judgmental. 

Please do not hesitate to contact us with your wishes.