Celtic Moon Ceremonies

Celtic Moon Ceremonies


Handfasting & non handfasting ceremonies

Traditional/Boho/Celtic/Elopement Weddings

So you've said "Yes" to the big question. Firstly may I wish you both many congratulations!

I would be very humbled if you choose me to be your Celebrant. 

My ceremonies offer a beautiful romantic alternative to those that aren't drawn to the 2 main options for marriage as in the church or a registry office. 

Some may mistakingly think that this style of wedding is not as grand or big as the big white church wedding. They could not be more misled. This type of ceremony calls to who we really are. It has great depth, love, whimsical romance & deep meaning that no other style of ceremony can touch upon. 

There is a shift happening upon our beautiful planet earth. It is calling for you to connect to what this day should truly be about- Love, REAL love.

The imbalance that the usual weddings bring where its 'all about the bride' is completely outdated & misses the importance of your very significant other. It's equally your man's day too for heterosexual couples. In same sex or gender neutral partnerships this ceremony truly honours that balance. Its about both of you equally just as your path forward is. 

Family, children, friends, community & even pets can feel fully immersed & be involved in the actual ceremony if you so choose. 

We will go on a journey together for your ceremony.

If you have chosen the sacred ceremony we will be using & standing within the sacred wheel which I will create, where we will honour the 4 elements: air, fire, water & earth, each has its roots & relevance to Love. At each element their will be a beautiful ritual, a reading of your own words to one another & an elemental reading by your chosen guest. Its a very deep & meaningful ceremony that goes romantically way beyond  the usual celebrant led services.

If you choose a more traditional style ceremony then we celebrate your love story, the journey to one another & exchange of vows & rings take place if you have chosen to have them.

You can include a handfasting, jumping the broom or cake & mead ceremony in either choices.

A handfasting is an ancient celtic tradition where the original meaning of 'tying the knot' comes from. It literally means you & your beloveds hands get bound to one another using ribbons or cords. They are tied in such a way that when you release your hands you've literally tied a knot. These cords can then be framed as a lovely keepsake of the day.

If you have watched the film Braveheart or more recently the series of Outlander you will perhaps have noticed the handfasting ceremonies within them?  Prince William & Kates royal wedding also contained a handfasting where the Bishop wrapped his stole around their hands. 

You can choose to have a hoop & wand handfasting instead of the usual handfasting cords, or 2 hoops or 2 wands for same sex couples. This is where you can honour separately the feminine & masculine creating your bridal hoop for the females & wands for the male. Both of these contain a lovely quality creative time where the man goes out into nature to find his wand (this can be with Dave) whilst the lady sits & weaves her hoop (this can be with Jenna)

For a deeper explanation please contact us.

You do not have to include a handfasting or the rituals at all for your wedding ceremony, you can just have a wedding ceremony itself. 

Wedding preparations can be daunting but we are here to take away your worry! If you aren't local to Wales then fear not, we can provide professional photographers, cake makers & search for local hair & make up artists if required as well as give you a list of reception venues to help take the pressure off & make it easier for you.

You can book your wedding ceremony only with us or you can conveniently include a mountain honeymoon retreat here at our Eniya Barn with its romantic log burner. This saves you all the hassle of having to travel anywhere else. It's a beautiful part of the world to relax, explore & have quality time together as a newly married couple. 

If you wish to Marry elsewhere & just require my celebrancy duties then I am more than  happy to travel to your desired wedding location. This will just incur an extra cost for my travel & stay if necessary.

If you want to get married in a forest, or up a mountain, on the beach or by a lake, no problem! Marry in whatever attire you are comfortable in, whether that's the full works of the classic big white dress/Tux or a black gothic rock god/goddess look- it's your wedding, your way! If you have a theme or want a full on broadway style show then I'm up for most ideas.

If you are night owls you may like to opt for a twilight ceremony. The night sky can be breath taking here with the crystal clear dark skies filled with so many stars, the visible milky way & the powerful light of the moon. 

Your wedding can be as intimate as just the 2 of you or up to 40 guests if held here.

I can recommend many options of endless beautiful locations for you & your beloved if you don't wish to marry within our stone circle or barn.

Elopements can be wildly romantic but please ensure you are 18yrs old or over. 

Additional add-ons such as:

Hoop & Wand

Cake & Mead ceremony.

Jumping the Besom/Broom.

Sand blending ceremony.

Potted Tree Planting ceremony.

£Price & details on inquiry.

Please note at present this is not a legally binding ceremony. Nowadays people like the idea of marrying into love & not into 'the system' but others will still want or need to legally marry. However it is currently under review & it is with hope that trained Celebrants will be able to perform legal ceremonies soon.

If couples wish to be legally married it is easily done & you can experience the best of both worlds.

So if you wish to combine a handfasting but also make your marriage legal then all you you'll need to do is contact your local registry office, they should be able to perform just the legal wording part which should roughly cost approx £50. You can do this either side of your handfasting ceremony. 

Please use the 'contact us' page to check availability or ask any questions.